About Me


He started taking photographs when his father gave him a camera on his 7th birthday as a gift. With this gift, taking photographs became a passion for him. Because he was born in a small village, his first subjects were cats, roses and tomatoes. At the same ages, he started to take Theater Education.

Later on, he left his birth place and moved to Izmir, a bigger city. After completing his high school education here, he began studying Cinema - TV in Dokuz Eylül University.

During his study, he participated in various theater groups, TV series and advertisements as an actor and behind the camera.

In 2008, he moved to Istanbul and became successful in Cinema - TV and advertising industry. In addition, he worked as a photographer with different brands.

Photography made innovativeness and seeing the life from a different perspective his life's purpose.

To this day, he has been continuing his works around the world. At the same time, he continues to work as Miss Globe International's official photographer and director.